Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Should I become a Poker Geek?

One way I may be able to supplement my retirement income is by adding poker income. In my hayday (and at the peak of poker's popularity) I figured I could make around $40K a year from internet poker.

Since then my skills have declined considerably as I have been forced to actually work at a salaried job and the hobby has become illegalized by idiotic Congressmen.

However, if I figured I could make just $20K a year from poker while I was "retired" I could retire considerably earlier (probably 4 or 5 years earlier).

The rub: poker is incredibly boring when played nonstop every day in front of a computer without seeing live people. Online poker however is 1/10th the cost of casinos and you are able to play far more hands.

The other rub: the most important skill in poker is patience, working all-the-time has eroded my once easy-going personality and has caused me to lose my ability to be patient. With it has gone my poker skills, to be able to successfully supplement my income I will need to re-easyfy my personality to become the laid back kid I was in college.

I will most likely try to supplement my income with a few thousand a year from poker in retirement, but I definitely don't want to lock myself into a retirement stuck in front of a computer screen performing rote repetition.

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