Monday, July 16, 2007

Season Tickets: Incredible Waste of Money?

Today, I bought season tickets for my college's basketball team. The cost is $320 a seat for 15 games, since I bought two tickets that will be $640, which obviously is a significant amount of money (more than an IPhone).

This may be an incredible waste of money, but I hope that I can recoup around $300- $400 back by reselling some of my tickets. In addition, a friend of mine runs a ticket website, so hopefully he will come in handy.

Unlike other wastes of money, this waste, at least, is guaranteed to make me happy, so it has that going for it. Given what I could have blown my money on (fancy car, fancy gadgets) this purchase is more about making me happy, and less about showing off to other people.

I strongly believe in moderated frugality, where you make small little treats to yourself (according to your means) and avoid large purchases which will add little to your overall level of happiness.

Still, this purchase may have exceeded moderation, what do you think?

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