Monday, July 23, 2007

My Budget

Saving/Debt Repayment
42.8%= If you want to retire young, you have to make sacrifices, I have sacrificed buying a new car, a larger house, driving in to work, and going out to lunch among other things.

25.5%= There are areas here I could definitely cut back on, but I don't want my wife to feel like she is living under siege, so for our happiness I spend more than I need to. Roughly 59% of my spending comes from mortgages and home ownership fees.

31.6%- Despite the fact that my wife and I pretty much max out our 401K, the Government takes nearly 1/3 of my income (not including sales, gas, or other taxes). I wonder what the percentages would be if they didn't use my money on pointless wars, farm subsidies, bridges to nowhere, and a social security program I won't get to take advantage of. By my calculations, if I didn't have to pay taxes, I could retire in 5 years.

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