Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm getting into the 0% Game

I've heard a lot from bloggers about how the 0% credit card offers are drying up.

After finally getting a question answered the other day, I have been able to determine the two harms that are caused by the 0% game:
  1. High Debt/Credit Limit Ratio- this will be fixed as soon as I pay off 0% balance.
  2. A lot of inquiries (hard credit pulls) on my account- this is counted on my record for a year, though it only makes up 10% of my credit score.

Since I don't think I will need to take a loan out for the next year, it looks like the 0% game is beckoning me.

The other concern is never missing a payment, but that is what Outlook Calendar is for.

Have you or would you ever get into the 0% game?

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