Friday, July 6, 2007

Gooooooals Update!

I update later than most due to my 401K taking forever after my paycheck to invest my contributions.

Here's my status towards my goals:

Debt Repayment
I was able to pay off roughly $5000 worth of bad debt off this month, and am making major progress towards paying off all of my bad debt, with roughly 47% of it paid off.

Post Tax Investments
The amount of my post-tax investments stayed the same as I allocated most of my money towards debt repayment.

This month, however, I bought my first stock, which I funded through raiding my cash reserves. The stock has since dropped 1.4%. Doh! Oh well, I'm in this puppy for the long run.

Total Investments
I don't include home equity, or the value of personal possessions or my car. It's simply my stocks, bonds and cash holdings. This month, total investments went up $2200, mostly through 401K contributions. The market's instability hurt me some, but not crushingly so.

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