Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Need To Learn Faster

The NY Times has an article reviewing the new Apple IPhone, and it's clear that it will be truly revolutionary: a combined cellphone, video IPod, web browser, email terminal, camera and status symbol. All of these functions will be performed at the highest echelons of quality and style.

Before the success of the I-Phone was as manifestly obvious as it is now, Apple's stock price appropriately quadrupled over the last year, meaning that much (if not all) of the new sales and market share represented by the IPhone is already reflected in the stock price.

Before I start investing I am going to need to find a way to learn about companies faster, before their successes become front page news.

It may not be possible to outsmart the market, but it certainly is possible to be outsmarted by it. To avoid that happening, I need to be able to get as much information and knowlege about companies before it becomes manifestly, front-page, obvious.

The most obvious place to do that, the internet, seems to be the most unreliable. In order to weed through the sea of BS, I will need to have a lot of general and background knowledge on stock investing and on the business of the companies I invest in.
Hopefully then I will be able to spot the next I-Phone before it becomes obvious to everyone.

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