Friday, June 22, 2007

Have You Ever Made It A Double Feature?

So, every now and again, the wife and I sneak into another movie, and watch two movies in a row.

The last time we did it, we saw the god-awful movie The Ex, which I am supremely happy we did not pay money for.

I realize that it is completely immoral to "make it a double", but with the movie theatre charging me $8 for popcorn and a drink and $20 for 2 tickets, its very hard for me to shed a tear for the harm suffered to the movie industry's ability to gouge me out of another $20 for the privilege of seeing an awful Zack Braff movie.

Would you Ever Make it a Double?


Her Every Cent Counts said...

Besides feeling bad about ripping the movie theater off (i don't feel too bad about that) i just don't have the attention span to sit through two movies. Speaking of being "too frugal," I feel like all the enjoyment of going to the movies is lost when it's about sneaking into another one. But if you can get away with it, then I guess it's a good way to save 10 bucks.

Angie Hartford said...

Sneaking into movies isn't worth the bad karma.

Alex said...

Both valid points. On another note, would you say that there is a big difference between sneaking into another movie and sneaking in food and concessions?

Angie Hartford said...

We have a lot of food allergies, and therefore compromise by bringing in a small snack, and buying a highly-profitable soft drink (to assuage my guilt; other family members wouldn't do this if I wasn't there).